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Our mission is to share resources and joy with the world. We've completed initial steps toward this goal by creating convenient, free services including help for pregnant parents, and their families, friends, and others in choosing the best name for babies. As an extension to the baby names area, word search puzzles were added as fun baby shower games along with automatic eCards or reminders to help families remember the special day of their friend's baby or other holidays. It turns out, this is popular with sales professionals who send themselves reminders about dates important to their clients or a thoughtful note delivered directly to the client.

Taking a completely different route, a quality information system was developed for the business world to track and report the state of process capability or performance in their manufacturing facilities. Tracking is scalable where performance of the entire facility can be reported or managers can zoom in all the way to individual machines. Other features include an automated deviation system. This was deployed for ISO-compliant organizations who occassionally seek to leave their documented management system (due to some unforseen circumstance) while retaining an appropriate approval authority and control.

Then, back to recreational purposes, we added games and fun stuff like sudoku puzzles, Midevil, and tarot readings. Sudoku puzzles were initially launched with the standard 9x9 size but have been expanded to range from 4x4 to 36x36 and use either letters or numbers in varying degrees of difficulty. Future plans include possibly adding samuri style and sudoku books. Midevil is a pretty cool adventure game. The graphics aren't super intense, but that wasn't our purpose. One of our team members used to play a purely text-interface game to take a mental break from inventing one of the first CAD-CAM processes. The game involved exploring, collecting items, and defeating foes. Midevil goes beyond that by providing a 2D top view of your environment and images of creatures and items. And last but not least, tarot card readings were launched recently offering single Major Arcane answers to questions you may have. Cards are drawn from the Sola Busca deck, which is the oldest complete tarot deck in existance. If this service is popular, we will add Minor Arcane, multiple card spreads, and different decks.

Our latest add is a Tae Kwon Do section which some of the family members practice.

Much of our development is driven by what the public wants. Most services have a feedback link offering you a chance to request new fun stuff. We're considering many different things including online auctions, free classifieds, job searching, nutritional information, etc. If you have a request, feel free to use one of the feedback links.
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